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Personal Exhibitions    
  2014 “Return”, Matsu Folklore Culture Museum, Nangan, Matsu
  2014 “Between Mirrors and Windows”, National Central University Art Center , Jhongli City
  2014 “(Some) Clevelanders”, Cleveland Print Room, Ohio, USA.
  2013 “Ordinary Household”, 1839 Contemporqry Gallary, Taipei.
  2012 “Circumgyration: A Quartet”, 1839 Contemporqry Gallary, Taipei.
  2011 “Circumgyration”, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan.
  2010 “Heaven on Earth ”, Fotoaura Institute of Photohraphy, Tainan
  2009 “Heaven on Earth ”, 1839 Contemporqry Gallary, Taipei.
  2004 “Circumgyration—DengKong Project ”, National Taipei Teachers College, Taipei.
  2000 “Documentary Portrait—Betel Nuts Girls”, Tainan National University of the Arts, Tainan.
  1999 “Documentary Portrait—Betel Nuts Girls”, Taiwan International Visual Art Center, Taipei.
  1999 “Chin-pao Chen’s Recent Work”, Knickerbocker Gallery, New York.
Group Exhibitions    
  2019 Behind the Mask: Rose of Modernity, Museum Centre Ploschad Mira, Russia.
  2019 Time Vehicle - 30 th Anniversary NCCU Art & Culture Center Photography Exhibition, National Chengchi University, Taipei.
  2019 Tainan International Foto Festival, Siao Long Cultural Park, Tainan
  2017 KeelungCiao, Keelung
  2016 Snap Taking & Slow Thinking: Social Spectrum in the Age of Staged photography, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung
  2016 The Silver Halide Era: Aura of Time, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung
  2010 “The 26th HIGASHIKAWA AWARD WINNERS 2010”, Hokkaido, Japan.
  2010 “Forum Biennial of Taiwan Contemporary Art 2010“, Taipei.
  2010 “KOGANECHO BAZAAR”, Yokohama, Japan.
  2009 “PHOTO TAIPEI 2009”, Taipei.
  2009 “Fusion Folks – Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Bopiliao, Taipei.
  2008 “Betel Nut Beauties”, le Point Ephémère, Paris, France.
  2008 “Then and Now—memories of the future”, DAEGUPHOTO BIENNALE, Korea.
  2006 “Seeing the Other side of the Strait – 20 Taiwanese Photographers”, Beijing, China.
  2005 “The New Taiwanese-digital witnesses”, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts,
 Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei.
  2004 “Spellbound Aura—The New Vision of Chinese Photography”,
 Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.
  2002 “New Aesthetics in Taiwan”, Jeff Hsu’s Art, Taipei.
  2001 “Ten Years of Taipei Photofest”, Taiwan International Visual Art Center, Taipei.