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CIRCUMGYRATION – Deng Kong Project
 The more I study contemporary fine art photography the more I doubt the existence of “reality”, especially the reality represented by photography. A photograph is actually a piece of paper with photographic image. A photographic image for me now is nothing more than a message, an illusion or someone’s ideology.
 I have taught “arts and crafts” at Deng Kong elementary school for ten years. All the children I photograph are students in my classes. They are around 12, adolescent.
 For the project of CIRCUMGYRATION, I keep watching daily life of students in campus, try to select some scenes or events really happened, and get inspirations from my friends’ memories. I then re-stage them by choose “better” location, and more “suitable” students/characters. I might change the gestures slightly. I could add some properties if it’s necessary.
 I don’t think I have to be faithful to the things themselves. Artificial light is one the elements I use to remind viewers the falseness or the drama in my pictures. By doing this, I believe I am partially dealing with memories toward my own childhood as well as the collective memories of my generation who were born here in Taiwan.